Smores @ Campfire



Roughly four months ago I revamped my diet with the intention to eat and feel better…a resolution I have written in my own personal journal for the last seven years. I told myself though that I would never completely deprive myself, but I would take my guilty pleasures a.k.a. dessert, in moderation.

Fabian and I went to Campfire a few nights ago, where we shared two delicious entrees and one simple yet delightful and strangely fulfilling dessert of smores.

It was amazing.

Me Time


Originally the husband and I planned to take a short trip to San Diego, but after what felt like a draining week we came to the decision of postponing. As soon as we established new plans of not really having plans, he slept in and I took a walk to a nearby coffee shop in downtown Oceanside, CA, Revolution Roasters. Coming from a place where there isn’t a lot of variety of coffee shops to one that has plenty, I was on a low key search for a new favorite coffee spot.  Revolution Roasters definitely is it.

Every item on their menu sounds like perfection, but after a few minutes of debating whether I wanted cream cheese and jam on my toast or tomato and burrata, I opted for the latter. Along with an order of their flat white. Definitely my kind of comfort food.

A little bit of ‘me time’ made me feel completely recharged. Now I just want to kick ass.