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Keeping it short and sweet today on the blog. This year was our first time hosting Thanksgiving, which has been slightly anxiety filled for the following two reasons: Growing up, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. My memories of Thanksgiving were limited to what was taught and observed in school. Or how the holiday was portrayed on […]

Weekend Recap

As this weekend comes to a closure, I look back at some things that brought me joy over the past three days.  And in no particular order. 1) Waking up to sunlight rather than darkness at 5ish in the morning. My favorite area in our new home is one that I wake up to, which […]

Being a Dad: Fabian

I was going through old pictures that I completely forgot existed, when I stumbled upon this particular one of Fabian holding our then one year old. It was our first family trip to the Philippines. We were in my old bedroom that I shared with my older sister in the five years that we resided […]

Skin Care / Estee Lauder

The insecurities I had with my skin from my late elementary years sent me on what felt like a never ending search for a combination of miracle products to bring my skincare woes to a closure. I spoke briefly about my need for consistency. Last night I realized that I had been very consistent with […]


It has been a wonderful last few days spending time with my in-laws and my little girl prior to school starting. Aside from taking a spur of the moment trip to Disneyland (which was amazing and brought back some good childhood memories), we stayed local. Due to the limited time we had, we made most […]