Where I’ve Been

It's crazy to think that on the other side of the world, it's already 2019. I was going through several posts from my family and friends back home, and couldn't help but begin counting down the hours of when we would be welcoming the new year here in South Texas. And still, I am in … Continue reading Where I’ve Been

Meet My Baby Brother

You would think I am being an emotional older sister by always referring to my baby brother, Joshua as my 'baby brother', but I can't help it. Prior to our most recent conversations, it had been awhile since we caught up. The last time we really sat down and spoke to each other was during … Continue reading Meet My Baby Brother

7 Year Anniversary / Reflections on Marriage

Each anniversary that passes always brings some familiar feelings and thoughts. I always contemplate over the previous years and find myself amazed at how our story has developed in the pass x amount of years. This day marks seven. Fabian and I were both students in Great Lakes, Illinois, when we met at the ages … Continue reading 7 Year Anniversary / Reflections on Marriage

Dressing Like My Mom

Just got off the phone with my mom. We were joking about how nowadays I find myself dressing more and more like her. Proof is in the yellow shirt I am currently wearing, that I recently purchased at a local thrift store due to 1) My deep appreciation for a vintage aesthetic and 2) It … Continue reading Dressing Like My Mom