Ending My Blog!

For those who really, really know me…or at lease have a really fantastic memory, you would know that I have been blogging throughout my preteen years to my twenties. I utilized a platform called Xanga, a once booming network of personal blogs. This was in my opinion, truly the Tumblr before the Tumblr. I attempted to retrieve those decade plus old entries but unfortunately was met with an announcement that ‘Xanga 2.0 is here!’ My old Xanga blog though? Completely gone.

As much as I love maintaining (despite the lack of actual maintenance) towards this blog, I have decided to end it here in hopes to pursue a different creative outlet. Which you probably guessed it, a YouTube channel.

Not jumping on the bandwagon, but it sounds so fun. The goal isn’t to be this big Youtuber or influencer. It’s like I mentioned, a different creative outlet. Something that I have never done before (literally on my 2020 bucket list). Part blog, part lifestyle…part whatever 🙂

But anyway, maybe I’ll return.

Maybe not.

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