The Last 7 Months

I was thinking about writing a recap for July. Reason being, it has been the most joyful month I’ve had so far this year. I revisited my parents in the Philippines since seeing them briefly back in February. This time with my little family. But as I contemplated on how to begin my blog post, I decided to look back on the last seven months.

January. Returned from a wonderful trip to Texas with my in-laws. Came back prepared to transition out of an almost nine year career that would come to a closure in the following month.

February. After closing one chapter of my life, I decided to take a little break and visit my parents in the Philippines for roughly five days. Despite the short duration, I was super grateful. Took the opportunity to reflect on a lot, and decrease social media.

March. Officially in student mode. Definitely a big transition. Went to Lake Elsinore for the first time to experience the Super Bloom (thanks to my sister, Nova!) My baby won her first art contest. Proud mama moment.

April. Celebrated my 28th birthday by skydiving. If you’re curious about this first time experience, check out the previous blog. Spent a lot of time with family, when I wasn’t consumed with so much school.

May. Final push on one of the most difficult classes I have ever taken, but thrived. Experimented with my hair for the first time in forever. Which doesn’t seem like a big deal. but if you ever worked somewhere with a decent amount of restrictions, you know it’s a big deal.

June. More school. A very challenging month in regards to health and stress, but again thrived. Was able to hang out more with my little one with summer and all.

July. Took my little family with me to the Philippines to visit my parents. Explored some new places (new to us) in Global City, La Union and Baler. Enjoyed so many moments during this time. Especially bonding over delicious meals cooked by my mom and I. Also watched Odesza live for their A Moment Apart finale in LA. It was a dreamy, intense show where I left speechless and feeling so many different ways. I still get chills thinking about it.

Super Bloom.
La Union.
Hubby looking good while in Baler, Philippines.
One of my favorite restaurants that we’ve tried this year.
More food 🙂 Trying ceviche @ Highland Park Brewery
Odesza concert. Another item completed on my 29×29 list.

We are reaching the end of 2019 so quickly. And I have only touched this blog twice this year. It was actually one of my goals to write on a monthly basis. Obviously that did not occur, but I’m not a fan of ‘new year, new me’. I don’t want to wait for another year to initiate some new goals or renew old ones. I’m sure I’ve said that somewhere already.

Have a good one 🙂

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