Skydive With Me

For someone who’s hands constantly perspired while watching Free Solo, jumping out of a plane at around 10,000 feet sounds pretty ambitious.

Inspired by Rachel Nguyen of That’s Chic, I started writing a 29×29 list. The concept being that I would like to achieve 29 specific goals prior to my next birthday. These objectives are not all extreme, and consist of things like fully organizing my home and banishing my insane habit of procrastination. But to kick off the list, why not skydive?

And so that is what I did for my 28th birthday. 

I can’t tell you exactly what I was thinking about when I was staring down to the ground right before we jumped out or those initial few seconds of falling. I wasn’t really thinking, and honestly that was probably the best way to really immerse in the moment. It’s a rush. A rush totally worth experiencing. Especially around the time when the sun is preparing to go down (it’s absolutely gorgeous).

Whether you want to be super spontaneous about it or plan for a tandem skydive session or for a special occasion (Fabian & I have been going for experiences rather than material goods), definitely add it to your bucket list or whatever goals list you may have.  And if you’re in the Southern California area, check out GoJump Oceanside.

Quick review of GoJump Oceanside! It was an overall wonderful experience. You can book your appointment online, but wait times are still expected once you check in. Brad was my tandem instructor/pilot. Super great guy. He spoke to me the entire time and made me feel comfortable and most of all, safe. Aside from the experience, you leave with a book signed by your tandem instructor. Bring cash for tips! I wish I was able to tip more to express how grateful I was. Also there are options for purchasing pictures and video. I selected the handycam option, which came out amazing in terms of quality and perspective (I did edit the two pictures that I included, but even without the editing the pictures were beautiful).

If you’re looking for some words of encouragement: Just go for it. It’s beautiful. Check it out.



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