Past My Quarter Life Crisis? Turning 28!

It is April, and also the very first post on my blog for the year 2019. The duration of my periodic absences have become more extensive, but it really has been a busy year so far. In the last few months I made the transition from working to being a full time student.

This month I turn 28! I recall cringing at the thought of even coming close to 30 when I was around 19-21 years old. That was until I reflected upon my early 20s and how I spent the majority of those years unsure about almost everything. At almost 28 years old, I am feeling pretty damn good

I felt like I hit my quarter life crisis a little too soon in my early 20s, when my indecisiveness was covered up by an appearance of certainty. I took a lot of advice on what I should or should not be doing. At one point I had to acknowledge that I needed to make a choice for myself. It took me awhile to get to that moment, but after so many years of being insanely hard on myself and really contemplating over what I wanted to do, it happened. Which is why I made the career change.

Change is always so difficult for me, regardless of whether or not I had any choice in a particular change. In this case I did. But still. After a few weeks of adjusting to a new routine, and doing a lot more reconnecting with friends, family and with myself, everything came together.

Instead of creating a list of significant life lessons, I’ll share this! And that is, if I could tell my 20-25 year old versions of myself it would be:

Be compassionate to yourself! It’s ok to be unsure, change your mind and create new paths.

It’s really going to be ok!

2 thoughts on “Past My Quarter Life Crisis? Turning 28!

  1. I knew I wasnt going crazy. it’s been a while since I’ve seen u post anything. This past year I’ve been pondering at how much my life has change.. and really, how much it hasnt.
    From mys UDP followed by my wifes deployment, the obstacles to reconnect, my dad passing away, and me reaching my 10 year mark in the military while realizing that I may not want to stay in if it means being an E5 or E6 for the next 10 years… well, I dont know if Ive been over reacting or if I may very well be having a quarter life crisis myself. reading this put me in a temporary state of ease. This was worth the read. Thanks.


    1. Thank you for leaving a comment and for sharing your experience. You’re not overreacting at all. I’ve talked to so many people and I feel like it’s pretty universal that twenty something year olds go through similar phases. At some point you just know what you want, it’s just hard to go for it. Glad to hear my post helped in some way.


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