Keeping it short and sweet today on the blog.

This year was our first time hosting Thanksgiving, which has been slightly anxiety filled for the following two reasons:

  1. Growing up, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. My memories of Thanksgiving were limited to what was taught and observed in school. Or how the holiday was portrayed on television. I’ve experienced very few traditional Thanksgivings as an adult.
  2. Anxiety.

But, with the support and much needed encouragement of my friend, Nova (thank you!!!), she transformed my living room (my dinner area is tiny) into a simple but beautiful space to celebrate. It was a night of great company, food, and definitely a feeling of wanting to entertain more family and friends.

Wishing everyone has a wonderful week full of love and joy!

Food Table
Appreciating the details of our food table.
Took out the Instax camera to take some old fashion-ish pictures. Also, thanks Nova for the sweet gifts–one being these two BLK travel addition lipsticks 🙂

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