Weekend Recap

As this weekend comes to a closure, I look back at some things that brought me joy over the past three days.  And in no particular order.

1) Waking up to sunlight rather than darkness at 5ish in the morning. My favorite area in our new home is one that I wake up to, which is this little corner (below).  Especially when the light filters through our curtains. I love it.

2) Spending time with Fabian. Our Saturday evening was filled with a lot of food and anticipation over the most awaited UFC fight of 2018 (side note—I really got into it, but I’ll spare my opinion). The following day was just insanely gorgeous, so we grabbed some hot beverages at Baba and strolled around Carlsbad Village.

3) As a working mom it was really nice to be able to volunteer at my daughter’s school. I’m sure at some point she would feel differently with me being around. Hence, I’m going to enjoy the fact that she appreciates my presence.

4) I decided to enjoy some “me” time—which is almost, always thrifting.

5) Last, but definitely not the least—my sister-in-law, Ale gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl. We finished Facetiming her and the family a few hours ago, and I just cried  tears of joy.  And now, I have the worst case of baby fever.

So while I am slightly bummed that I return to work tomorrow, it’s ok. Time never stops, and soon enough it will be another weekend. And not only that, holidays are approaching. Meaning, more time off 🙂






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