Meet My Baby Brother

You would think I am being an emotional older sister by always referring to my baby brother, Joshua as my ‘baby brother’, but I can’t help it. Prior to our most recent conversations, it had been awhile since we caught up. The last time we really sat down and spoke to each other was during his transition from Japan to Korea, where he took some much deserved time off to live his best life in Hawaii and to also visit our parents in the Philippines.

Somethings never change. And those ‘somethings’ that I am speaking of,  I hope never do. Like how I’m Facetiming with my parents, and Joshua is in the background making these hilarious faces and providing his witty commentary on everything. Or elaborating on his most recent milestones while still remaining insanely humble. Like how at the age of 23, he was able to invest in constructing a small apartment complex in our hometown, and still excelling in his Naval career. I do most of the bragging for him, because I am so proud of him. I love you Josh.

Meet my baby brother, Joshua.




Tell us a little bit about yourself!  Like my big sis, I also serve in the U.S. Navy. Been doing that for 4 1/2 years, and been having a blast ever since. I crave adventure, and I’m always down to try new things. After work I’m either at the gym working out or I’m at home watching Netflix! Oh yeah not much people know, but I’m actually a goofy person.

You really are one of the most motivated people ever. What keeps you driven? My long term goals! My super long term goals! So every time I get caught in a tough situation, I get into the mentality where I’m like “If I want to paint this bigger picture, I need to keep on going no matter how difficult the situation is.” So down the road I try to hold myself to a higher standard where quitting and doing the bare minimum is not an option.

Do you have any inspirational resources, like books or podcasts? You know I’m all into that. What I usually do is that I go on Youtube and I listen to motivational speeches that were given by successful people. Or speeches that just sounds motivating that took place in movies.

What’s your favorite one? Admiral McRaven’s graduation speech at the University of Texas, in Austin back in 2014.

What is your favorite memory of us as kids? I can’t think of a specific one. You weren’t really the nicest person to me. But I do miss the image of us sitting at the dinner table with mom, dad, and ate Jas. Life was just so simple back then, and I mean that in a good way.

Ok, I know I was a bully. Sorry, bro. How about as adults? As adults, was when you went to my boot camp graduation. I was so happy you were there. And it was at that very moment where I realized how grown up we were. Time does fly by fast.

You traveled quite a bit. Do you have a favorite place? Damn, this is a hard one! But I got to say Sydney, Australia. Everything just seemed well structured. The people were kind and beautiful. The city itself was beautiful. The food was great. I have nothing but good things to say about Sydney and would definitely go back.

I like to ask this, what are your top five essentials when traveling? Back Pack, Go-Pro, Head Phones, Ipad, and Pen.

Last question, well not really a question, but a request. Leave us with the song you are currently loving. Don’t Matter To Me by: Drake & Michael Jacksonjoshandi




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