Before the Next Chapter / Mini May Favorites

Around this time last year I was weeks away from taking a much anticipated cross country drive to Southern California. I’m reflecting back thinking about how quickly these months have come and gone. It’s already June! A month where I really check in with myself and revisit some goals.

What have I been up to?

The short answer: Prepping for the next chapter of my life.

It sounds dramatic, and in ways yes. When I am in the process of transitioning from one career to another, how could the word ‘dramatic’ not be fitting? At the same time, it’s exciting. It’s definitely a change.

In celebration of change, I thought that it would be appropriate to treat myself to a little upgrade. Enter my new Lenovo Yoga 730, to aide me in completing all my school work (starts tomorrow!), in addition to tote around during future seminars and symposiums.

Ok…maybe I just wanted it.

( M i n i )  M a y  F a v o r i t e s:

Indie movies that lingered in my mind for a few days: Ingrid Goes West & The Ramen Girl (both available to view on Hulu)

Nostalgic music to sing along to when I clean: Avril Lavigne’s old tunes

My first pair of footwear for the warmer weather: Timberland Los Angeles Wind Slingback Sandals

It’s always a good hair day with: It’s a 10  hair products.



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