Meet My Sister, Jasmine

It sounds crazy, but at one point of my life I considered applying to be a contestant for the show, The Amazing Race. The origin of this idea? I was incredibly inspired by my sister and her love for traveling. Of course she would be my partner if we ever have the opportunity to trot around the globe in the hopes to win a million dollars. Not to sound too confident, but we would probably take home the prize…and it would be thanks to her. She’s savvy like that.

Anyway,  please enjoy this short interview with this lovely lady, as she talks about who she is, her passion for traveling and her best tips for your next vacation.

Tell us about yourself. I’ve been in the hospitality industry for about 7 years. On my free time I’m usually at the gym or at home hibernating. I also love to travel and I try to whenever I realistically can.


What is your favorite place that you have visited…and why? Favorite place I’ve visited so far is Tokyo! It’s a foodie’s dream! Endless food options.


Ok…you know I like to travel smart, so what would you say is your #1 tip when it comes to traveling? My number 1 tip is to research, research, research. It’s hard going to a place you’ve never been to without knowing what the weather is like, or how much money you should bring. It’s good to know how to be able to get around or where to rent a WiFi device or buy a sim.. Get to know basic customs in the culture. It’s best to be prepared so time doesn’t get wasted.


I feel like I know the answer to this, but if you could take a trip right now, where would you go? If I could go anywhere right now..well that’s a long list. Spain..because the next Formula 1 race will take place there! I’d also like to go to Thailand. I want to try authentic Thai cuisine because the only Thai food I know is what I’ve tried here! Lol. I also want to go to Australia, Vietnam, Morocco…the list goes on and on.

Tell me…top three must haves for a long trip. Earphones. Music. Pillow.

I’m sure traveling…especially solo, has made you draw some wonderful personal discoveries. Can you share some with me? I’ve discovered that I am capable of leaving my comfort zone. I can go out and explore on my own. Don’t be afraid to go to a place you’ve never been to before.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hong Kong
San Francisco, California
Tokyo, Japan

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