What I’ve Been Up To + Getting Older

I have dedicated a majority of my time studying. Hence, the lack of attention I’ve been giving to this blog. This weekend I decided to give myself a much needed break, and focus on having some quality time with my family and give me time to make another brief update.

A few days ago was my 27th birthday. My perspective of aging as altered over the years. I recall feeling a slight resistance to getting older, preferring to stay one age forever. 22 sounded good to me, but now I see that my early twenties consisted of a lot of indecisiveness and that I was too caught up in the past and creating a picture of my future, that it was difficult enjoying my present. At 27, I can’t say I’ve mastered “life”, but I am more accepting of the fact, that nothing is permanent. I’m not the only one getting older. Everyone around me is. All I can be is 1) in the moment and 2) grateful. And that I am.

I came home to this beautiful bouquet of calla lilly bulbs that my husband surprised me with. I love flowers, but this particular kind is deeply sentimental to me, as it was this type of flower that was used to adorn the venue of our wedding reception seven years ago.


On another note, I wish everyone a great week! 🙂



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