Month: March 2018

Thrifting Again (Small haul)

In continuation for my love of searching for amazing thrifted finds, I gathered a few pieces from the last few weeks to share. Floral top – Looks pretty dreamy tucked into highwaisted jeans. With the first button unbuttoned. The floral design reminded me of something similar from Reformation. Black knitted tank – Hugs the body […]

Cleaning Up ft. Mimi

Winter of 2016, my husband and I decided to donate, sell or toss a large amount of our belngings. I wouldn’t label ourselves as a ‘minimalist’ family, but to live with less has definitely made cleaning a lot easier. Plus having a Roomba. Feeling uninspired? Check out these books. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up […]

7 Year Anniversary / Reflections on Marriage

Each anniversary that passes always brings some familiar feelings and thoughts. I always contemplate over the previous years and find myself amazed at how our story has developed in the pass x amount of years. This day marks seven. Fabian and I were both students in Great Lakes, Illinois, when we met at the ages […]