California Christmas

It is our first time celebrating the holiday season here in California, after spending almost four years on the east coast. Yes, the change is drastic, but I am loving it. I have only been residing here for roughly six months and I really…really can’t fathom living anywhere else. I love Southern California.

We enjoyed the majority of our simple and pretty much nontraditional Christmas festivities during Christmas Eve, in which we went out to our favorite local breakfast spot, opened presents and soaking up a bit of sun in the best ‘winter’ weather with our dog, Mimi…who we recently adopted back in October 🙂

To end a wonderful day, our evening consisted of baking brownies and laughing our butts off to Home Alone 2 (it never gets old).

I return to work tomorrow, but it’s okay considering how close New Years is quickly approaching and I fortunately am blessed with a bit more time off.

Hope everyone is having an incredible time!


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