Catching Up

My mind is having somewhat of a hard time accepting the fact that it is the end of the month already. The last few weeks have been incredibly busy with work, forcing me to really prioritize the tasks on my to-do list. I feel a lot more grateful for the weekend…and fortunately today I was able to get an early start.

Thought I would share a quick, random list of items that are worth sharing for this brief blog update!

  1. Mel Robbin’s interview on Lewis Howe’s super inspiring podcast, The School of Greatness.
  2.  Richard Bolle’s 2018 revision of What Color is Your Parachute? . Started reading this book in preparation for some future plans to shift career paths.
  3. Dr. Jart+ Clear Skin Lover Rubber Mask I picked up at Sephora. This mask left my stressed skin looking completely refreshed.
  4. Odesza’s new album, A Moment Apart. The best music to listen to when driving.
  5. The Headspace guided meditation app. Perfect for beginners like myself.



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