August Favorites



August was quite an eventful month. I had a wonderful week of leave prior to entering a new position at work, so I definitely am going through an adjustment period. With age and experience I’ve been able to manage stress, cope with change, and retain a balance between significant parts of my life. I am no expert, but with loving support from family and friends I am always reminded of how life is beautiful.

So on to my monthly favorites. I got a few beauty/skincare items to share as well as a current favorite song of mine. Click links for further details.


GLAMGLOW Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in Nude Glow (also available in Pearl Glow and Sun Glow) / I have been appreciating the no foundation trend these past few weeks. As I have mentioned previously, my skin isn’t perfect but it has definitely improved over time with good habits. This illuminating moisturizer in nude glow has this gorgeous sheer pink, pearl like color to it (I did my best attempt to capture that in the above picture…but I am aware it looks more gold than pink), that looks incredibly natural on the skin…and it actually moisturizes. I wear it alone or sometimes with a drop of foundation mixed in. This product can also be used as a highlighter. I only wish this moisturizer included SPF.

H2O+ Beauty Oasis Quench the Day Hydrating Mist / I tested this product a few weeks ago at a department store and found myself returning for it. It has been insanely hot these past few weeks and what keeps me looking refreshed whether I have a bare face or not, is this mist.  It contains ingredients such as aloe and sea grass extract, which has kept my face supppper hydrated. It also serves as an excellent setting spray.

Clover & Bee Hibiscus and Raspberry Body Polish / Purchased this body scrub on impulse while browsing, The Gypsy Den Boutique. It is a bit on the pricey side compared to previous body scrub purchases…but I tend to reach for this as a weekly treat. It’s made with granulated honey crystals and certified organic essential oils, which leaves your skin feeling soft and silky after the shower….to the point that I applying any kind of moisturizer post scrub is kind of unnecessary.


Gnash & DENM Belong (Acoustic) / Gnash is one of the very few artists who I will always come back to. I just feel very connected to a lot of his music. Especially this particular song, which reminded me of how I often felt during my childhood.

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