Being Present

The fact that it is August amazes me. The end of the year is approaching at a fairly fast pace, and this alone has brought up some mixed feelings. A lot of it in regards to the fact that I am getting older. When I say this, my intention is to not sound superficial or even saddened by this obvious fact. I just contemplate over the fact that nothing in life is permanent. Good or bad.

I read this article by The Minimalists that altered my way of thinking, and encouraged me to be more present. The article is titled Forever Does Not Exist.

My dad sent me a few pictures from my childhood last night. Pictures of events that took place 16 years ago. My parents had to have been “present”.  In many of our conversations where my childhood was the primary topic, they were able to recall details of certain moments that I wish I was able to remember. They didn’t have cable. Smartphones didn’t exist. We had a landline. Distractions were minimal.

It was my goal last year, and it continues to be an ongoing goal for me.

Be present.

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