Where I’ve Been

It’s crazy to think that on the other side of the world, it’s already 2019. I was going through several posts from my family and friends back home, and couldn’t help but begin counting down the hours of when we would be welcoming the new year here in South Texas. And still, I am in somewhat disbelief. I say that due to the various points of this year, in which I felt like 2018 would go on eternally. It sounds as though I am complaining, but I’m really not.

While 2018 had it’s own unique set of challenges, my focus remains on the simple but meaningful moments I have shared with the people I love. For example, hilarious conversations in the office with my friend Alisha (how we coped *insert smile*), or picking out vintage pieces for Fabian’s and my first ever home. And while I’m on the note of our new home, there has been some major life changes. A big one being this transition of departing from a career I had for almost nine years, and preparing to be a full time student again.

I have a lot to look forward to, and I am very happy to be welcoming and celebrating  2019 in Brownsville, TX with Fabian’s family.

Wishing everyone has a super amazing and intentional year.

Much love,


A portrait I drew in a must have for 2019, Lavendaire Artist of Life 2019 Workbook 


Visiting Port Mansfield, TX.


Making friends 🙂



Keeping it short and sweet today on the blog.

This year was our first time hosting Thanksgiving, which has been slightly anxiety filled for the following two reasons:

  1. Growing up, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. My memories of Thanksgiving were limited to what was taught and observed in school. Or how the holiday was portrayed on television. I’ve experienced very few traditional Thanksgivings as an adult.
  2. Anxiety.

But, with the support and much needed encouragement of my friend, Nova (thank you!!!), she transformed my living room (my dinner area is tiny) into a simple but beautiful space to celebrate. It was a night of great company, food, and definitely a feeling of wanting to entertain more family and friends.

Wishing everyone has a wonderful week full of love and joy!



Food Table

Appreciating the details of our food table.


Took out the Instax camera to take some old fashion-ish pictures. Also, thanks Nova for the sweet gifts–one being these two BLK travel addition lipsticks 🙂

Weekend Recap

As this weekend comes to a closure, I look back at some things that brought me joy over the past three days.  And in no particular order.

1) Waking up to sunlight rather than darkness at 5ish in the morning. My favorite area in our new home is one that I wake up to, which is this little corner (below).  Especially when the light filters through our curtains. I love it.

2) Spending time with Fabian. Our Saturday evening was filled with a lot of food and anticipation over the most awaited UFC fight of 2018 (side note—I really got into it, but I’ll spare my opinion). The following day was just insanely gorgeous, so we grabbed some hot beverages at Baba and strolled around Carlsbad Village.

3) As a working mom it was really nice to be able to volunteer at my daughter’s school. I’m sure at some point she would feel differently with me being around. Hence, I’m going to enjoy the fact that she appreciates my presence.

4) I decided to enjoy some “me” time—which is almost, always thrifting.

5) Last, but definitely not the least—my sister-in-law, Ale gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl. We finished Facetiming her and the family a few hours ago, and I just cried  tears of joy.  And now, I have the worst case of baby fever.

So while I am slightly bummed that I return to work tomorrow, it’s ok. Time never stops, and soon enough it will be another weekend. And not only that, holidays are approaching. Meaning, more time off 🙂






Hey Internet


Hello there.

It has been awhile.

In my last life update, I was literally trying to contain my excitement over our first official home. Since then, we have departed from our small apartment into a cozy, but still continuously evolving space.

While this entire process has actually been more chaotic than anticipated (health issues + a series of some misfortunes), this experience also has been a very loving project between Fabian and I. Typically I’m the one selecting pieces for our home, but this time it’s been a collaborative effort (future blog post about this soon!).

This past weekend has been a sweet break from being inside, settling in. We spent the majority of our time outdoors and making stops at our favorite coffee spots. May not sound much, but it was my perfect weekend. Especially before starting classes again, and heavily preparing for some more upcoming changes.

I’m overwhelmed, but excited about life.

I hope everyone is having a great week 🙂

Meet My Baby Brother

You would think I am being an emotional older sister by always referring to my baby brother, Joshua as my ‘baby brother’, but I can’t help it. Prior to our most recent conversations, it had been awhile since we caught up. The last time we really sat down and spoke to each other was during his transition from Japan to Korea, where he took some much deserved time off to live his best life in Hawaii and to also visit our parents in the Philippines.

Somethings never change. And those ‘somethings’ that I am speaking of,  I hope never do. Like how I’m Facetiming with my parents, and Joshua is in the background making these hilarious faces and providing his witty commentary on everything. Or elaborating on his most recent milestones while still remaining insanely humble. Like how at the age of 23, he was able to invest in constructing a small apartment complex in our hometown, and still excelling in his Naval career. I do most of the bragging for him, because I am so proud of him. I love you Josh.

Meet my baby brother, Joshua.




Tell us a little bit about yourself!  Like my big sis, I also serve in the U.S. Navy. Been doing that for 4 1/2 years, and been having a blast ever since. I crave adventure, and I’m always down to try new things. After work I’m either at the gym working out or I’m at home watching Netflix! Oh yeah not much people know, but I’m actually a goofy person.

You really are one of the most motivated people ever. What keeps you driven? My long term goals! My super long term goals! So every time I get caught in a tough situation, I get into the mentality where I’m like “If I want to paint this bigger picture, I need to keep on going no matter how difficult the situation is.” So down the road I try to hold myself to a higher standard where quitting and doing the bare minimum is not an option.

Do you have any inspirational resources, like books or podcasts? You know I’m all into that. What I usually do is that I go on Youtube and I listen to motivational speeches that were given by successful people. Or speeches that just sounds motivating that took place in movies.

What’s your favorite one? Admiral McRaven’s graduation speech at the University of Texas, in Austin back in 2014.

What is your favorite memory of us as kids? I can’t think of a specific one. You weren’t really the nicest person to me. But I do miss the image of us sitting at the dinner table with mom, dad, and ate Jas. Life was just so simple back then, and I mean that in a good way.

Ok, I know I was a bully. Sorry, bro. How about as adults? As adults, was when you went to my boot camp graduation. I was so happy you were there. And it was at that very moment where I realized how grown up we were. Time does fly by fast.

You traveled quite a bit. Do you have a favorite place? Damn, this is a hard one! But I got to say Sydney, Australia. Everything just seemed well structured. The people were kind and beautiful. The city itself was beautiful. The food was great. I have nothing but good things to say about Sydney and would definitely go back.

I like to ask this, what are your top five essentials when traveling? Back Pack, Go-Pro, Head Phones, Ipad, and Pen.

Last question, well not really a question, but a request. Leave us with the song you are currently loving. Don’t Matter To Me by: Drake & Michael Jacksonjoshandi




Life Update! New Home

I don’t think I ever dreamed of owning a home. Like, really dreamed about it and not just limit my thoughts to potential home décor to fit into whatever space I currently occupy (This is apartment #5). Truthfully, I completely hesitated when Fabian brought up the idea. More than once. But today marks a milestone in our family, as we are now proud homeowners of our very own condo unit.

All good things take time, and this case is no exception. We will be making some changes and moving in hopefully soon.  We sat in our empty living room, visualizing what could be. In the next few weeks we will be letting go, inviting new things in and creating a beautiful home.

I’m so excited!



A Little Boost for Your Skin

I removed foundation from my daily routine about a year ago. Prior to the change, a few drops of Estee Lauder Double Wear (still my favorite foundation) was a necessity. But over the last several months I have become more comfortable with a close to bare to a bare face.

By no means am I implying I have perfect skin. I wish, but I don’t. I will say though that it’s only gotten better. Check out some of the items I currently use to give it a bit of a boost sans foundation.


Protect your face. Shiseido Essential Energy Day Cream is a light day cream with SPF. Goes on smoothly with no sticky feel. Illuminate. Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator can be used as a subtle highlighter, or use all over face. It’s not obnoxious, and a little goes a very long way. Add color. Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze. Again, little goes a long way. 10% off your first order if you click my link below! Illuminate more. Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight is my new go to. Highlight cheekbones and other areas that you would like.

Being a Dad: Fabian

I was going through old pictures that I completely forgot existed, when I stumbled upon this particular one of Fabian holding our then one year old. It was our first family trip to the Philippines. We were in my old bedroom that I shared with my older sister in the five years that we resided in a small provincial town called Guimba. I get really sentimental about this. It was my past intertwining with my present, and my future. In front of me was this man I share a beautiful child with. The feeling never gets old.

In the spirit of Father’s Day, I invited my husband to the blog. I did a brief interview over a delicious dinner at his favorite barbecue spot. I hope you enjoy!

Tell me your initial thoughts when you found out that you were going to be a dad.

I was in shock…in disbelief. We were so young at the time, that we didn’t know what to expect. We just left our homes to start our careers. Apart of me thought, was it the best thing for us? At the same time, I was ready to take on this responsibility. I felt a lot of guilt, because you were so young. I didn’t want you to feel hindered from having a career.

Yeah, we were 19 and 21. It’s crazy, but I’m so incredibly thankful. What would you say is the best thing about being a dad?

Looking at our daughter and realizing how happy and innocent she is. She brings a smile to my face. It’s hard to say. I enjoy playing with her. She reminds me of being a kid again.

What is the most challenging part of being a dad?

Realizing that I can’t be selfish. I have to put her in front of a lot of my decisions.

We have learned a lot in the last seven years. What would you say was the biggest lesson that you gained from being a dad?

You can love someone unconditionally. Because I love Luci so much, it made me realize how much my mom loved me. It put into perspective all the sacrifices she did for me.

What is your dream for your child and future children?

I want her to graduate college. I want her to be a responsible adult. I want her to be happy. 



Happy Fathers Day 🙂


It doesn’t feel like that long ago I was 16-17ish, placing my curiosities about my future in an old journal. Specifically the thought of one day having a family. It went along the lines of, “I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a mom.” Fast forward a few years later and I am expecting my little girl.

Having her has brought me closer to my own mother. Throughout the last eight years since I left home, we have bonded over international calls, Skype, Facebook messages and when possible, brief trips to the Philippines. We speak now more than ever.

I literally just got off the phone with her.

I love you mom. 

Happy Mother’s Day.



Meet My Sister, Jasmine

It sounds crazy, but at one point of my life I considered applying to be a contestant for the show, The Amazing Race. The origin of this idea? I was incredibly inspired by my sister and her love for traveling. Of course she would be my partner if we ever have the opportunity to trot around the globe in the hopes to win a million dollars. Not to sound too confident, but we would probably take home the prize…and it would be thanks to her. She’s savvy like that.

Anyway,  please enjoy this short interview with this lovely lady, as she talks about who she is, her passion for traveling and her best tips for your next vacation.

Tell us about yourself. I’ve been in the hospitality industry for about 7 years. On my free time I’m usually at the gym or at home hibernating. I also love to travel and I try to whenever I realistically can.


What is your favorite place that you have visited…and why? Favorite place I’ve visited so far is Tokyo! It’s a foodie’s dream! Endless food options.


Ok…you know I like to travel smart, so what would you say is your #1 tip when it comes to traveling? My number 1 tip is to research, research, research. It’s hard going to a place you’ve never been to without knowing what the weather is like, or how much money you should bring. It’s good to know how to be able to get around or where to rent a WiFi device or buy a sim.. Get to know basic customs in the culture. It’s best to be prepared so time doesn’t get wasted.


I feel like I know the answer to this, but if you could take a trip right now, where would you go? If I could go anywhere right now..well that’s a long list. Spain..because the next Formula 1 race will take place there! I’d also like to go to Thailand. I want to try authentic Thai cuisine because the only Thai food I know is what I’ve tried here! Lol. I also want to go to Australia, Vietnam, Morocco…the list goes on and on.

Tell me…top three must haves for a long trip. Earphones. Music. Pillow.

I’m sure traveling…especially solo, has made you draw some wonderful personal discoveries. Can you share some with me? I’ve discovered that I am capable of leaving my comfort zone. I can go out and explore on my own. Don’t be afraid to go to a place you’ve never been to before.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




Hong Kong


San Francisco, California


Tokyo, Japan