Ending My Blog!

For those who really, really know me...or at lease have a really fantastic memory, you would know that I have been blogging throughout my preteen years to my twenties. I utilized a platform called Xanga, a once booming network of personal blogs. This was in my opinion, truly the Tumblr before the Tumblr. I attempted … Continue reading Ending My Blog!

The Last 7 Months

I was thinking about writing a recap for July. Reason being, it has been the most joyful month I've had so far this year. I revisited my parents in the Philippines since seeing them briefly back in February. This time with my little family. But as I contemplated on how to begin my blog post, … Continue reading The Last 7 Months

Skydive With Me

For someone who's hands constantly perspired while watching Free Solo, jumping out of a plane at around 10,000 feet sounds pretty ambitious. Inspired by Rachel Nguyen of That's Chic, I started writing a 29x29 list. The concept being that I would like to achieve 29 specific goals prior to my next birthday. These objectives are … Continue reading Skydive With Me

Past My Quarter Life Crisis? Turning 28!

It is April, and also the very first post on my blog for the year 2019. The duration of my periodic absences have become more extensive, but it really has been a busy year so far. In the last few months I made the transition from working to being a full time student. This month … Continue reading Past My Quarter Life Crisis? Turning 28!

Hey Internet

Hello there. It has been awhile. In my last life update, I was literally trying to contain my excitement over our first official home. Since then, we have departed from our small apartment into a cozy, but still continuously evolving space. While this entire process has actually been more chaotic than anticipated (health issues + … Continue reading Hey Internet