It doesn’t feel like that long ago I was 16-17ish, placing my curiosities about my future in an old journal. Specifically the thought of one day having a family. It went along the lines of, “I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a mom.” Fast forward a few years later and I am expecting my little girl.

Having her has brought me closer to my own mother. Throughout the last eight years since I left home, we have bonded over international calls, Skype, Facebook messages and when possible, brief trips to the Philippines. We speak now more than ever.

I literally just got off the phone with her.

I love you mom. 

Happy Mother’s Day.



Meet My Sister, Jasmine

It sounds crazy, but at one point of my life I considered applying to be a contestant for the show, The Amazing Race. The origin of this idea? I was incredibly inspired by my sister and her love for traveling. Of course she would be my partner if we ever have the opportunity to trot around the globe in the hopes to win a million dollars. Not to sound too confident, but we would probably take home the prize…and it would be thanks to her. She’s savvy like that.

Anyway,  please enjoy this short interview with this lovely lady, as she talks about who she is, her passion for traveling and her best tips for your next vacation.

Tell us about yourself. I’ve been in the hospitality industry for about 7 years. On my free time I’m usually at the gym or at home hibernating. I also love to travel and I try to whenever I realistically can.


What is your favorite place that you have visited…and why? Favorite place I’ve visited so far is Tokyo! It’s a foodie’s dream! Endless food options.


Ok…you know I like to travel smart, so what would you say is your #1 tip when it comes to traveling? My number 1 tip is to research, research, research. It’s hard going to a place you’ve never been to without knowing what the weather is like, or how much money you should bring. It’s good to know how to be able to get around or where to rent a WiFi device or buy a sim.. Get to know basic customs in the culture. It’s best to be prepared so time doesn’t get wasted.


I feel like I know the answer to this, but if you could take a trip right now, where would you go? If I could go anywhere right now..well that’s a long list. Spain..because the next Formula 1 race will take place there! I’d also like to go to Thailand. I want to try authentic Thai cuisine because the only Thai food I know is what I’ve tried here! Lol. I also want to go to Australia, Vietnam, Morocco…the list goes on and on.

Tell me…top three must haves for a long trip. Earphones. Music. Pillow.

I’m sure traveling…especially solo, has made you draw some wonderful personal discoveries. Can you share some with me? I’ve discovered that I am capable of leaving my comfort zone. I can go out and explore on my own. Don’t be afraid to go to a place you’ve never been to before.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




Hong Kong


San Francisco, California


Tokyo, Japan

April Favorites

I had been no joke studying, studying and well, more studying. This is the first weekend in a long time that I am not obligated to crack open a book and bury myself in it. It’s pretty freeing. I asked myself Friday evening, “What can I do now?” The answer? Cuddle up on our living room couch after eating Japanese take out food from Hooked on Sushi (please, if you’re in the Carlsbad or Encinitas you have to try it) and watch the last installation of The Maze Runner trilogy, The Death Cure.

I’ve collected a few favorites over the month of April.

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California. In celebration of my daughter’s birthday, my good friend Nova suggested we take her to this insanely gorgeous tourist attraction that is exclusively open from March to May.

Dr. Jart’s Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum (picture above), I purchased at Sephora. It cleared up the redness that I was experiencing around my eye and cheek area. I remember seeing this item literally everywhere on social media late of last year, and it’s only now that I understand the hype of it. It really is a miracle worker in a 30 mL bottle.

Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness. One of the first episodes I listened to was one he did back in 2016 with author and therapist Stan Tatkin, “How to Navigate Dating and Love?” Listen to it! Jonathan Van Ness is hilarious, with great insight. Definitely check him out.

Lastly, I talked about studying…so I thought, why not include this Pilot P-500 Extra Fine pen. I get very particular of what I use to write.I take this pen everywhere, and when I loose it I can be so dramatic.

Hope everyone has a great start for this week and well, this May. 🙂




New Additions

I saw a medical provider a few months ago after suffering from what I initially thought were simply seasonal allergies. While I’m sure that has contributed to my misery, she told me I had eczema.

I was advised to switch up the products in my beauty arsenal, which made me even more sad about my newly discovered skin condition. At this point I’m desperate for some relief. Hence, I’ve simplified the products I utilize and opted for a more sensitive skin focused regimen.

My search for gentle alternatives has led me to find these two favorites for the past few months. Please keep in mind I am not a dermatologist, and I can only speak on my own experience.

La Roche-Posay has currently been my #1. Specifically their double repair moisturizer with SPF and their intense soothing cream. Both products are super gentle, and doesn’t sting my face like most products do with my current situation. A bit on the pricer side, but very much worth it.

What I’ve Been Up To + Getting Older

I have dedicated a majority of my time studying. Hence, the lack of attention I’ve been giving to this blog. This weekend I decided to give myself a much needed break, and focus on having some quality time with my family and give me time to make another brief update.

A few days ago was my 27th birthday. My perspective of aging as altered over the years. I recall feeling a slight resistance to getting older, preferring to stay one age forever. 22 sounded good to me, but now I see that my early twenties consisted of a lot of indecisiveness and that I was too caught up in the past and creating a picture of my future, that it was difficult enjoying my present. At 27, I can’t say I’ve mastered “life”, but I am more accepting of the fact, that nothing is permanent. I’m not the only one getting older. Everyone around me is. All I can be is 1) in the moment and 2) grateful. And that I am.

I came home to this beautiful bouquet of calla lilly bulbs that my husband surprised me with. I love flowers, but this particular kind is deeply sentimental to me, as it was this type of flower that was used to adorn the venue of our wedding reception seven years ago.


On another note, I wish everyone a great week! 🙂



Thrifting Again (Small haul)

In continuation for my love of searching for amazing thrifted finds, I gathered a few pieces from the last few weeks to share.

  1. Floral top – Looks pretty dreamy tucked into highwaisted jeans. With the first button unbuttoned. The floral design reminded me of something similar from Reformation.
  2. Black knitted tank – Hugs the body comfortably. It looks basic, but the quality is 10/10. Found this for a dollar.
  3. Yellow/Navy plaid blouse – Or can be used as light jacket. Not a big fan of plaid, but the combination of these two colors work so well. Additionally, it’s surprisingly versatile with a lot of items in my closet.
  4. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes- Super chic, and elevating to any outfit. When I purchased this, it literally looked like it was never worn before. The bottom of the shoe gave it away, but still.
  5. Black leather square toed ankle boots – Another staple in any closet. I’ve been looking for a pair just like this (see above photo).


7 Year Anniversary / Reflections on Marriage

Each anniversary that passes always brings some familiar feelings and thoughts. I always contemplate over the previous years and find myself amazed at how our story has developed in the pass x amount of years. This day marks seven.

Fabian and I were both students in Great Lakes, Illinois, when we met at the ages 19 (me) and 21 years old. I reflect upon how fast (five months after we initially got together) our friendship and relationship progressed into an eternal commitment to each other and raising our beautiful daughter. Like most young married couples I know, they will tell you that it’s definitely a challenge, but it can be a very meaningful one in hindsight.

At the age of 19 throughout my early twenties, I felt this need to grasp tightly to initial feelings. I couldn’t comprehend what marriage was suppose to be like, because I had never been in one. It took me awhile to figure it out and in most recent times Fabian and I worked diligently to solve this ‘mystery’ together.

We have quite the story, but I have chosen to withhold previous chapters and focus on today.

I don’t often confess to the world how I feel, but I do have to say that I am incredibly blessed and overwhelmed with love.




Face Mask On a Budget & Valentines Day

I love a good moisturizing sheet mask. Especially if it meets the criteria of being affordable and effective. Affordable, considering the cost of these sheet masks accumulate quickly depending how often you utilize them (as well as the brand). And obviously if it’s not effective, why even bother. Fortunately I have discovered that at the cost of $2.99, Pond’s Hydrating and Firm sheet mask are both. With agave extract, collagen and hyaluronic acid, your face is left feeling exactly what the product claims…hydrated and firm. You can find these sheet masks at your local Rite Aid, where it currently is buy one, get one 50% with a Rite Aid card. Trust me, it’s worth it.

By the way, I have to share how gorgeous these flowers are. My husband and I don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s Day, so it was a sweet surprise to come home to a large bouquet of roses.  It definitely elevates the room, especially on a Saturday or Sunday morning when I am able to witness the sun actually rising and peeping through my blinds.


Dressing Like My Mom

Just got off the phone with my mom. We were joking about how nowadays I find myself dressing more and more like her. Proof is in the yellow shirt I am currently wearing, that I recently purchased at a local thrift store due to 1) My deep appreciation for a vintage aesthetic and 2) It greatly reminded me of my mom.

Growing up I recall my mom’s closet primarily being dominated by a variety of collared shirts. Her favorite was, and I think still is yellow, so a yellow collared shirt immediately brings back memories of her in her late twenties, early thirties.

Even our hair was very similar.

But anyway, I love the look…and I love you mom!