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It has been a wonderful last few days spending time with my in-laws and my little girl prior to school starting. Aside from taking a spur of the moment trip to Disneyland (which was amazing and brought back some good childhood memories), we stayed local. Due to the limited time we had, we made most of days by walking to the beach, eating at our favorite spots and browsing through local boutiques. I miss them already.

Since school kicked off and my in-laws left, I spent my remaining three days of my staycation marking off a list of tasks I have yet to complete. When I wasn’t so productive I was binge watching Netflix’s Atypical and lounging around waiting for my daughter to get out of school to hear about her day.

Now. Back to work.

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My impulsive shopping habits have drastically improved over the past year and a half. Considering this small victory of mine, I have been able to find staple items that have brought great value…and I am not exclusively referring to financial value. I am all for quality vs. quantity. In addition to my need for consistency. I love to try new things, but the following items have found a permanent space in my place.

Glossier Boy Brow / V Therapy Lip Butter in Peppermint / Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift and Firm Prism Cream / Vintage Kenzo Sunglasses from Captain’s Helm / Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Oil Cleansing Tissue / Moleskine 12 Months Planner Weekly Notebook / Stache Coffee Company Guatemala Coffee / Sarto by Franco Sarto Carona Mule Sneaker 

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Being Present

The fact that it is August amazes me. The end of the year is approaching at a fairly fast pace, and this alone has brought up some mixed feelings. A lot of it in regards to the fact that I am getting older. When I say this, my intention is to not sound superficial or even saddened by this obvious fact. I just contemplate over the fact that nothing in life is permanent. Good or bad.

I read this article by The Minimalists that altered my way of thinking, and encouraged me to be more present. The article is titled Forever Does Not Exist.

My dad sent me a few pictures from my childhood last night. Pictures of events that took place 16 years ago. My parents had to have been “present”.  In many of our conversations where my childhood was the primary topic, they were able to recall details of certain moments that I wish I was able to remember. They didn’t have cable. Smartphones didn’t exist. We had a landline. Distractions were minimal.

It was my goal last year, and it continues to be an ongoing goal for me.

Be present.





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My love for books remain concrete despite owning a Kindle fire for the past few years. While my E-reader is very convenient in its compact form and diverse features, I do appreciate seeing people with actual books in hand. I have this fear that one day books will become obsolete as more fancier tablets or e-readers find their way on store shelves.
I am sincerely hoping that my frequent trips to Barnes and Noble…and of course the library with my daughter, will allow my love for books and reading to transfer.

Current read? Anna Akana’s So Much I Want to Tell You.




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Smores @ Campfire

Roughly four months ago I revamped my diet with the intention to eat and feel better…a resolution I have written in my own personal journal for the last seven years. I told myself though that I would never completely deprive myself, but I would take my guilty pleasures a.k.a. dessert, in moderation.

Fabian and I went to Campfire a few nights ago, where we shared two delicious entrees and one simple yet delightful and strangely fulfilling dessert of smores.

It was amazing.





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Me Time

Originally the husband and I planned to take a short trip to San Diego, but after what felt like a draining week we came to the decision of postponing. As soon as we established new plans of not really having plans, he slept in and I took a walk to a nearby coffee shop in downtown Oceanside, CA, Revolution Roasters. Coming from a place where there isn’t a lot of variety of coffee shops to one that has plenty, I was on a low key search for a new favorite coffee spot.  Revolution Roasters definitely is it.


Every item on their menu sounds like perfection, but after a few minutes of debating whether I wanted cream cheese and jam on my toast or tomato and burrata, I opted for the latter. Along with an order of their flat white. Definitely my kind of comfort food.

A little bit of ‘me time’ made me feel completely recharged. Now I just want to kick ass.